Education at Taejae


In a world full of diverse new technologies and globally-significant events, the speed of radical changes in the workforce is accelerating, creating a need for a broader spectrum of skills among emerging leaders.
TAEJAE emphasizes the importance of competency-driven learning that helps students develop personal and emotional skills that complement the technical skills and critical thinking, creative thinking, and communication skills they acquire during their education.
During the course of their study in TAEJAE, students will develop 6 key competencies:

Personal Level Competencies: 1) Critical Thinking, 2) Creative Thinking, 3) Self-Directed Learning
Social Level Competencies: 4) Communication and Collaboration, 5) Diversity and Empathy, 6) Global Harmony and Sustainability


TAEJAE has two sets of schools that systematically and holistically scaffold the development of TAEJAE’s key competencies.

[1] School of Innovation Foundations (IF): These are general foundational courses that all students are required to take in their first year. The IF courses teach knowledge and skills foundational to all fields of study as well as concepts necessary for students to succeed in their major courses.

[2] Major Courses and Global Engagement: After completing IF courses, students then dive deeply into their Major Course classes. There are four major areas of studies: 1) School of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2) School of Natural Sciences, 3) School of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, 4) School of Business Innovation. Each school has three specializations, for a total of 12 specialization tracks.
While taking TAEJAE courses, students will be involved in various Global Engagement projects such as the Global Rotation, the Residential Campus Program, the Study Tour, and the Civic Projects. These programs serve as opportunities for students to take what they have learned in class and apply them in real life situations. During these projects, students also test how their competencies have developed and strengthened throughout their studies at TAEJAE. In the final years of their major course of study, students will complete a capstone project, another interdisciplinary project that asks students to participate actively in solving real issues around the world.