Leadership & Career Center

Leadership & Career Center provides systematic programs for cultivating students’ leadership skills and career development. Students will discover their own identity, enhance their leadership skills, and improve teamwork skills vital to a successful career. 

Students also get personalized coaching to research, organize, and plan their career path throughout the entire four years of their TAEJAE journey. TAEJAE’s support to students continues even after graduation, with an extensive and valuable network for TAEJAE alumni.


Leadership & Career Program is designed as two-phase, sequential programs: self-development and career advancement. The initial phase focuses on students discovering their dreams by exploring themselves and developing leadership skills. This sets the stage for the subsequent phase, in which they learn practical skills to effectively pursue and achieve their career goals.

Self Development Programs:

Career Development Programs:


Wellness Center provides services tailored to each student’s unique well-being needs and cultural backgrounds. TAEJAE wellness programs focus on helping students boost their wellbeing and thrive in college. Students can attend programs to develop self-care skills such as time management or test anxiety coping skills. They also learn psychological aspects of happiness and practices that can enhance their life satisfaction. TAEJAE also offers mental health care programs such as psychological assessments for screening and counseling services. These services will enable early intervention and help students develop resilience and maintain good mental health.


The aim of Student Wellness is to enhance students’ wellbeing through two approaches. First, we support students to foster emotional competence by enhancing self-awareness, monitoring wellbeing, practicing coping skills, and learning how to increase happiness. Second, we offer peer counseling, mental health coaching, and professional counseling services; these support systems will help students going through mental health struggles to develop insights and strategies to overcome challenges. 


TAEJAE Global Citizenship Center is dedicated to fostering students to become informed and socially responsible global citizens. Our students are encouraged to cultivate a strong sense of social responsibility that extends beyond personal interests, and to actively engage in tackling pressing global challenges. Students are encouraged to proactively promote social values such as altruism, community spirit, diversity, equality, human rights, and environmental sustainability. Through their experiences at TAEJAE, students will be empowered to make a meaningful and positive impact on the world around them.


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