Admissions (General)

For international students, admission is only available for the academic year beginning in the Fall, following the standard admission schedule of prestigious universities overseas.


For Korean students, admissions are available twice a year for Fall and Spring from March 2024. If accepted for Spring admission, TAEJAE University provides the students with a specialized gap-semester preparatory program, which is necessary because of our scaffolded curriculum. After spending the gap-semester, they officially start school in the following Fall semester with the international students.

We pride ourselves on having a small student body, which enables students to become an integral part of our vibrant academic community by truly engaging with their coursework, participating in thought-provoking discussions, and receiving personalized feedback from professors. Furthermore, because students will be living in five different countries, students will be able to form a strong bond with their peers and faculty members and will create a supportive and inclusive learning environment.


By limiting the number of students, we ensure that each student receives the attention and support they need to excel in their academic and personal pursuits. The small study body allows our faculty and staff members to help each and every student to reach their full potential.

TAEJAE is creating a learning community with students from diverse backgrounds through co-living in the global residences.


We believe that living together with students from diverse backgrounds and sharing their various cultures, societies, and values on a daily basis is the fundamental stepping stone towards achieving true globalization, in the best sense of the term.

Admitted students are expected to enroll without delay after receiving their admission offer, in accordance with the scaffolded education system that requires students to stay together throughout their entire four-year learning journey.

Admissions (Korean/Domestic Students)

All Korean students are eligible to apply through the Korea/Domestic admission process, if they have Korean citizenship and have completed high school or obtained an equivalent level of education. (See Admission for Korean/Domestic students )

Korean/Domestic students can apply to TAEJAE through 진학사. Once the applications are submitted, they go through document screening, followed by interviews. (See Admissions for Korean/Domestic students)

After reviewing the application, only shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview. (See Admission for Korean/Domestic students)

Admissions (International Students)

International students are eligible to apply through the international admission process, if they are non-Korean citizens whose parents are non-Korean citizens, and have completed high school or obtained an equivalent level of education. (See Admission for International Students )

International students can apply to TAEJAE through the Common Application. Once the applications are submitted, they go through document screening, and an online interview is requested for the final evaluation process.

After reviewing the application, only shortlisted applicants will be invited to take an online interview.

It is mandatory to submit apostilled documents for all the international students admitted and determined to enroll at TAEJAE.

Through the interview, we aim to get to know each applicant beyond their academic achievements and qualifications.


The questions may relate to the applicant’s motivations, competencies, personal goals and characteristics, which will help us to determine whether our program is a good fit.

Admissions (Transfer Students)

We welcome all students to apply to TAEJAE. There is no separate admission process for transfer students; All students must apply as first-year applicants because of our scaffolded nature of the curriculum.

Taejae University’s entire curriculum is thoughtfully constructed to build upon the coursework and experiences of previous semesters. After completing Taejae’s Innovation Foundations’ courseworks in the first year, previous credits up to 12 units for the major courses completed in your current university may be transferred upon the approval of the academic council.

Admissions (Applications)

TAEJAE evaluates applicants holistically to gain a comprehensive understanding of their potential and unique qualities beyond their academic ability and personality. Our evaluation process will comprehensively assesses each applicant’s abilities and potential to determine whether the applicants can successfully complete our education curriculum and become leaders who align with our vision and mission.

No, there is no application fee for either international or Korean students.

English proficiency test scores are not required to apply, but as an English-based university, we strongly encourage applicants to submit the test scores for our holistic review. (See Admission for International Students)

Official test scores, such as SAT, ACT, AP, etc. or other graduation exams are not required to apply, but it is strongly recommended to submit them for our holistic review. (See Admission for International Students)

We will send an email to each applicant individually, outlining the next steps in the admissions process.

Scholarships (General)

First-year applicants may apply for a scholarship following the guidelines provided in the email upon submission of the admission application.


Students currently enrolled in TAEJAE, may apply for Scholarships for Spring semester in mid-December and for Fall semester in mid-June by following the guideline provided in the email.

Applicants or current students may apply for scholarships through the TAEJAE Portal (Integrated Information System of TAEJAE). The Scholarship Committee conducts a thorough evaluation and subsequently may recommend scholarships, grants, or other opportunities for our students.

TAEJAE’s Scholarships are categorized into: Scholarships during enrollment and Scholarships after graduation.


There are four types of scholarships while students are enrolled at TAEJAE, which fully support: a) fees, b) residential fees, c) Global Projects, or d) Global Grand Tours.


TAEJAE additionally offers a Work & Study Scholarship program where we support students to work as part-time assistants at TAEJAE while attending classes. Students will gain an opportunity to build their resume, and cover their education and living expenses.


Our scholarship programs do not end at graduation. Post-graduation, we offer our students three types of post-graduate scholarships: a) Global Leader Careers, b) start-ups, and c) Academic. These scholarships financially support our alumni in their ongoing education and career development.

Scholarships are available for Korean students who meet the Front 5 tiers of income-based eligibility, and for all international students. Among our various types of scholarships, some of those including, but not limited to, Global Projects, Special Tours, Work & Study, and/or post-graduate scholarships may be available to all students. 

There are three types of scholarships that may be available after graduation.


a) Global Leader Experience Scholarship

This may be granted for graduates/TAEJAE alumni who work for international organizations, think tanks, NGOs, etc.


b) Entrepreneurship Support Scholarship

This may be granted for graduates/TAEJAE alumni who demonstrate professional expertise in innovative companies and start-ups.


c) Academic Succession Scholarship

This supports the full tuition fees for outstanding graduates/TAEJAE alumni who have been accepted by preeminent graduate schools overseas.

Tuition (General)

Students who have received full scholarships will not need to pay tuition. 


Students who have been  awarded partial scholarships are responsible for paying the remaining balance above the amount covered by their scholarship.

Students are responsible for paying tuition upon completing their course registration (i.e. signing up for classes) every semester (for Spring Semester, this would be around February, and for Fall Semester, this would be around August).


Payment deadlines will be specified via personal email or through the TAEJAE Portal site.

For students enrolling in 2023 Fall, the payment deadline will be specified around July 2023.

Students are responsible for paying their tuition each semester. At the end of each semester, the Scholarship Committee will review scholarship applications for the following semester and determine the scholarship amounts for eligible applicants. Once the scholarship amount has been determined, the tuition balance will be calculated for each student. Students will be notified of these amounts on the TAEJAE Portal, along with their designated virtual account. Students will be able to complete their tuition payment by depositing the calculated amount into the designated virtual account before the due date.