Global Engagement

TAEJAE University firmly believes that in order to change and improve the world, our students must know and experience the world as it is. Our mission to bring greater harmony to the globe thus informs the unique structure of TAEJAE’s Global Rotation system.


As part of their curriculum, students move between international campuses and combine the incomparable value of real-world experience with Active Learning-based classes for a more holistic, functional education. All academic classes are conducted online, so students can continue their coursework seamlessly throughout the entire Global Rotation schedule.

Throughout their four years at TAEJAE, students will live and study in five different residences in five different cities that we believe offer students a more complete and thorough understanding of today’s global society. Global Rotation and the Global Engagement Program provides our students with a comparative, experiential exploration of each city and country, building from an understanding of the unique developmental history of South Korea and expanding into the political and social history of several major world powers.


By surveying the circumstances and histories that built these nations to their current positions on the global stage, our students will be equipped to better understand and tackle social challenges of all kinds. The histories and experiences our students encounter in these cities will be key to understanding the intersection between East and West and gaining the training and knowledge necessary for future global leadership.


All aspects of the TAEJAE Global Engagement Program – Residential Campus Programs, Study Tours, and Civic Projects – will be implemented in every Global Rotation city. The following schedule outlines the order and purpose of TAEJAE’s Global Rotation cities:

Visual Overview of Global Rotation

※ TAEJAE is committed to the educational value of its Global Rotation cities; however the schedule will be subject to change if absolutely necessary due to urgent geopolitical circumstances.