Education at Taejae

TAEJAE's Endeavor for Quality Education

TAEJAE University is eager to be a pioneer in the field of higher education.

TAEJAE fully supports all faculty in their devotion to their teaching expertise. Since content expertise and pedagogical effectiveness are different skills, TAEJAE asks all faculty to participate in extensive training in which all professors continuously learn how to design and operate thought provoking classes.


To run classes with an active learning methodology, extended preparation is required compared to traditional lecture-style classes. Professors need to have the ability to teach effectively even as class sessions may deviate from their plans, and they must also provide students with many opportunities to participate actively in their learning. To this end, TAEJAE welcomes various acknowledged experts and consultants in our faculty training, including Dr. Stephen Kosslyn, the founding Dean of Minerva University and former Dean of Social Sciences at Harvard University.

At the end of each class, all professors reflect on their teaching and learn from their colleagues’ experience in their bi-monthly meetings. In addition, all class activity data and feedback are collected and analyzed to identify areas for improvement.

Empowering Future Leaders

For students, TAEJAE University anticipates steady, progressive growth and a journey of becoming self-confident and competent leaders around the globe.


TAEJAE recognizes that especially when the world is going through unpredictable changes, higher education has to serve functions beyond teaching skills and knowledge. Universities must be able to equip students so they can effectively apply what they have learned in class to their daily lives.


To assist TAEJAE students to thoroughly apply their learning, TAEJAE provides support systems to help students improve their learning experiences here at TAEJAE.

TAEJAE also emphasizes helping students to improve their ability to learn. TAEJAE helps students to acquire strategies that will help them succeed in online active learning classes, master the material, and build up collaborative skills, communication skills, critical thinking skills, and problem solving skills.