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Taejae : The Next Answer

Taejae University Charter

Humanity today is in the midst of what is perhaps the greatest transformation in the history of our civilization.
Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence have revolutionized how we live our lives. Our ecosystems face increasing threats on a myriad of levels-climate change, a changing world order, intensifying conflict between the United States and China, and a concomitant shift from west to east as the previous leaders of modernization, Europe and the United States, give way to an Asia-centric worldview with a focal point in Northeast Asia.

What is the role of higher education in the face of this great transformative era in which we find ourselves?

We believe educators must embrace both the challenges and the call to innovate, constantly seeking better ways to educate global citizens who can lead future generations toward a brighter future. Universities have stood for centuries on hallowed academic models. But we believe a new approach to education is due.

Rather than grooming intellectuals with functional knowledge, which served our civilization well during the modernization periods of the 19th and 20th centuries, we must now nurture thoughtful and creative leaders who are capable of finding the right path forward for our civilization as we navigate our way into the middle of the 21st century.

The segmented and specialized knowledge and functional skills prized in the previous era of mass industrial production are now being rapidly replaced by computers and automation in the age of digitalization. What’s essential today is convergent knowledge and creativity.

Twentieth century universities primarily focused on generating knowledge through research, but this was seen as coming at the cost of their educational function. Additionally, the fostering of creative and tacit knowledge was prioritized lower than imparting rote and formulaic knowledge.
Taejae University aims to go beyond these methods to nurture students who can solve complex
social problems and who will be at the vanguard of change. Our educational goal is student success, defined by nurturing young minds into the class of leaders needed by our world today. To achieve this, we will develop and introduce an educational curriculum that can be personalized and optimized to meet the needs of each student and ensure they meet their full potential.

Our liberal arts curriculum will strengthen intellectual agility, with courses that foster convergent thinking and problems solving skills. Coursework will be supplemented by rich, onsite learning experiences around the world.
In so doing, Taejae students will develop competencies that empower them to fashion global harmony and pursue sustainability,
with deep capacities for diversity and empathy, communication and collaboration, creative and critical thinking, and self-directed learning.
Our students
will be our future
world leaders.
Taejae University – The Next Answer

We’re creating higher education for a brighter future in the 21st Century,
leading the way forward and nurturing the creative leaders our world needs for to build global harmony and a sustainable digital society.

September 1, 2023
Taejae University