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Social Value

Fostering social responsibility and empowering global leaders for a better world

We live in an interconnected and interdependent planet. Future global leaders must be global citizens who can make responsible choices and actively contribute to creating a just and sustainable world. Our Social Value programs are designed to cultivate these essential qualities by helping students internalize social values and understand their significance. By learning about current events and social value, students gain a deeper understanding of their meaning and importance.

We also encourage students to translate their knowledge into tangible action by advocating for social values and positively contributing to local and global communities. We want them to make a difference in the world. By engaging in these experiences, students foster a sense of personal fulfillment and develop the competencies necessary to become impactful global leaders.

we seek

Our Program for Social Value seeks to press pause on the hectic and competitive nature of our modern society and help students focus on social values that can be weakened or lost along the way. We categorize the key values that we believe students need to become productive global citizens as follows.

  • 1.
    Blue Taejae:
    Reciprocal Altruism

    Blue Taejae Program gives you a chance to identify your unique talents and exchange with your peers. Giving back to the community in ways the students devise fosters a deeper sense of belonging.

  • 2.
    Purple Taejae:
    Global Diversity

    Purple Taejae Program creates spaces for you to share ideas and opinions with peers. Whether in a workshop, a debate, or another forum, you’ll be encouraged to think openly, gain a wider perspective, and refine your ideas and opinions on global problems.

  • 3.
    Green Taejae:
    Environmental sustainability

    Green Taejae Program focuses your attention on the seriousness of climate change and encourages the development of daily habits that help preserve our natural resources and reduce the creation of waste.

We also believe that social values can only be learned through real-world experience. Recognizing this, the institute creates a platform steps aside. All the programs at the institute are designed, led, and activated by students. Participation is open to all students.