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Taejae University is committed to being at the forefront of advanced learning technologies, breaking down barriers to higher education globally as we welcome students from around the world and foster a community of intellectual curiosity and success. We have assembled a suite of cutting-edge platforms that will empower you to fully engage in our active learning programs without geographical limitations. Your experience will go far beyond the classroom, immersing you in a diversity of cultural settings through high-tech interactions that only Taejae University can provide.

  • Innovative Learning Environment for
    Interaction and Engagement

    Taejae University provides advanced high-tech platforms that empower students to engage in active learning no matter where they are in the world.

  • High-Tech Solutions Enhancing
    Academic Success

    Taejae University uses cutting-edge technologies to offer deep insights based on real data into student performance and progress.

Innovative Learning Environment
for Interaction and Engagement

Taejae University has assembled a suite of high-tech platforms and programs, enabling students to fully engage in their active learning no matter where they are in the world. Our students will be able to experience innovative learning beyond the physical attributes of a classroom and enjoy high-tech interactions and diverse cultures of learning that only our education infrastructure can provide. We are committed to being on the cutting edge, with a learning environment that welcomes and supports students from all around the world and that fosters a community of intellectual curiosity and success.

At the core of our advanced educational offerings is Engageli, a comprehensive learning platform that is built to enable interactive learning experiences. From innovative virtual whiteboards to learners’ tables and hand raising functions, our instructors have the tools they need to create dynamic and engaging virtual classroom experiences that encourage active participation. Engageli also features a robust set of data analysis and assessment tools that offer deep insights into your progress which are leveraged by our instructors in concert with you to tailor our teaching methods to support you in achieving your academic goals.

Engageli is advancing the education industry globally by improving virtual teaching and learning experiences. Its premier cloud-based, multimodal digital learning technology creates flexible, inclusive, secure environments optimized for learner connections and active learning. Recognized for these innovations, Engageli was named to the 2022 HolonIQ EdTech 200 list, highlighting the most promising education technology companies in North America, awarded Best Higher Ed Solution in EdTech Digest's EdTech Awards 2022 ahead of 19 other finalists, and earned honorable mention in the 2021 Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Award program. It was founded in 2020 by Dan Avida, Dr. Serge Plotkin, and Dr. Daphne Koller, Co-Founder of Coursera and Insitro.

High-tech Solutions
Enhancing Academic Success
Data-based Learning Analytics

Teaching and learning data are powerful resources for advancing the quality of education in Taejae University.

In the online learning environment, the speaking time and professor-learner activity data are collected synchronously and actively analyzed to monitor students' learning progress and offer timely support.

Constructive and precise feedback derived from the data serves as value insights for professors to deepen active learning.

Our four key approaches for
delivering innovative learning experiences
  • Essential Workshops for Teaching Excellence

    Taejae University has organized a series of workshops to enhance the teaching competencies of professors and to create a culture of learning among the faculty. Distinguished faculty members at Taejae University actively engage in these workshops with the aim of acquiring contemporary techniques and expertise in instructional methods that include how to integrate technology and how to design effective curriculum.

    These workshops serve as a platform for knowledge acquisition and provide a forum for educators to take part in simulations of classroom scenarios. Their peers are active throughout this process, providing support and constructive feedback as the group nurtures a culture of intellectual and professional advancement.

  • Coordinated Teaching Community

    We are committed to cultivating a thriving community for our faculty. Professors across all disciplines are encouraged to proactively share innovative and stimulating concepts related to teaching, pedagogical strategy, and advanced educational tools. This supportive and coordinated environment gives faculty members an opportunity to learn from each other, align teaching strategies, and promote student success.

  • Productive and Empirical Feedback System

    We are dedicated to fostering professional growth, delivering evidence-based feedback to faculty members on a regular basis to help them elevate their teaching competency. We actively cultivate a robust feedback system for enhancing expertise by leveraging data from professor-student interactions gathered through our learning platforms and classroom observations.

  • Consultation on Advanced Pedagogy and Technology

    The Educational Innovation Institute provides responsive support to professors, enabling them to integrate new pedagogical and technological approaches into their unique distinctive teaching styles.

    We also collaborate with the professors to explore the incorporation of pedagogical insights and technology, creating rich and engaging active learning experiences.