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For future leaders of the sustainable world
We put sustainability first – for planet and for people.




At Taejae University, we aim to help student leaders mold themselves into people who look beyond the trappings of socio-economic achievement. We hope our students seek shared societal goals and the sustainable coexistence of humans and the natural world around us.

We measure growth both in terms of intellectual or socio-economic achievements, as well as in the ways we maximize our potential as we become happy and mature individuals making positive contributions to society.
Balancing Key
Competencies on the
road to success

We believe future leaders can succeed through an intense balance of self-directed learning and by deeply embracing self & leadership studies, career development, holistic wellness, and global citizenship.

  • Self

    We guide students to form a healthy awareness of their own identity and leadership potential. When students know about themselves and understand group dynamics, they can manage the diversity of the world as global leaders.

  • Emotional

    We offer students the resources they need to face daily challenges, stay focused on their goals, and build the key skills they need to realize their dreams.

  • Global

    We want to educate our students to cultivate a strong and dynamic sense of social value and responsibility, becoming successful and mature members of our global community.

  • Career

    We value the time students spend discovering their passions. Students can firmly establish their true vocation in life based on subjective and objective self-reflection. This journey will be guided and supported by professionals for each student.

Support at every step
of your academic journey

Taejae University's Student Success Institute provides a range of programs in 4 categories aimed at strengthening each key competency.

  • Self and Leadership Program
  • Wellness Program
  • Social Value Program
  • Career Development Program