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Taejae University operates a Metaverse Campus that brings our students and professors together no matter where they are in the world, particularly as they share experiences during their Global Engagement Program.

1If you want to visit Taejae’s metaverse campus, the following program titled ‘engage’ must be installed first. After installing the program, click on the ‘Metaverse’ Button below.

2If the program is already installed, just click the ‘Metaverse’ Button.

Breaking the
boundaries of physical

Taejae University does not operate a campus in the traditional, fixed sense. Rather than a single space, our Metaverse Campus can be anywhere our students are, whether they are working from our main university building, their student residences, or anywhere else in the world where a high-speed internet connection is available.

This gives our students the opportunity to direct their learning as they wish, affording them the chance to live and learn as locals in the five different cities around the world that make up our Global Engagement Program, diving deeply into the history and cultural milieu directly.

We believe this is the most important aspect of our broader strategy to foster future global leaders, and it’s part of what distinguishes a Taejae University education. Our metaverse campus also serves as an anchor, offering our students a sense of belonging as well as a place to take part in a wide variety of educational activities.

The Metaverse Campus overcomes the limitations of one-way communication in traditional classroom models, strengthens interactions, and empowers our students to actively participate in campus decision-making and social activities.

  • Real content in an
    immerse learning environment

    Taejae University’s Metaverse campus maximizes educational effectiveness with real-world content and an incredibly immersive environment. The experiences gleaned through this deeply immersive context enable professors and students to tease out new knowledge and meaning, and find an overall sense of fulfillment. It’s also something that parents of prospective students can experience firsthand with a virtual campus tour, giving them the chance–no matter where they are in the world–to stroll through the beautiful palace-like gardens of our wonderful Taejae Hall and attend an admissions briefing with our staff.

  • Breaking the boundaries of traditional
    education with open interaction

    Taejae University students and professors are freed from the constraints of traditional education models as soon as they step into our Metaverse. For example, a project team comprising first-year students from our Seoul campus can easily collaborate with second-year students residing at our Tokyo campus to prepare a presentation together as part of a creative contest in our outdoor exhibition space. Simultaneously, they could be receiving feedback and support from seniors currently residing at our Hong Kong or New York campus, and of course from our professors in the UK, US, and around the world.

  • Providing effective
    situational learning opportunities

    Because Taejae University students are not bound to a physical campus, they are free to roam and immerse themselves in a variety of on-site experiential learning opportunities. Whether it is in the heart of Europe, Silicon Valley, or on any of our global campuses, our Metaverse Campus is opening new doors to highly effective contextual learning. This is how our students can share and co-create deep learning experiences within the history and culture of the various places they visit together each semester. They will accumulate learning in a whole new way and expand their knowledge on a virtual campus that constantly evolves as students participate.

  • Creating a
    new knowledge ecosystem

    Our metaverse campus offers infinite possibilities to students seeking to challenge themselves within a virtual environment replete with real opportunities to be creative and thoughtful. For students dreaming of starting a new venture after graduation, for instance, our Metaverse space will become a stage for their passions and explorations, letting them experiment with their model. The campus we envision will unlock the development and expansion of an entire knowledge ecosystem that will help us forge a brighter future.