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Future Education

The Taejae Future Education Forum is an important part of Taejae University's role as The Next Answer, which seeks to think about and provide answers to future education, and aims to establish itself as the world's leading forum on future education.

With a different theme every year, the forum will continue to take bold challenges to suggest new paths for the educational Innovation that the world is facing, and is expected to provide a forum for various analyses and alternatives for future education, and to explore new educational policy directions.

A Glimpse into the Trends of Future Innovative Education

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Explore the 1st Taejae Future Education Forum

2 Days
20 Programs
24 Speakers
232 Attendee

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  • It's time to redefine the content and methodology of education for the wisdom of humanity, and teachers and Professors will become more than just transmitters of knowledge, but facilitators of personalized education for the success of each student.

    Jaeho Yeom President of Taejae University
  • As AI pervades industries and our daily lives, we need to think seriously about 'bias' and 'inequality,' especially when applying AI to education, addressing the challenges of learning from one-sided data and disparities in access to how freely AI can be used to create innovation.

    Eric Horvitz Chief Scientific Officer of Microsoft
The inaugural Taejae Future Education Forum, to be held this year, will serve as a pivotal axis of Taejae University's role, The Next Answer, in contemplating and presenting solutions for future education. The plan is to globalize the Taejae Future Education Forum, focusing on Asian universities and educational institutions, and to evolve it into a world-renowned representative forum on future education within five years.

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