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Your experience at Taejae University is designed to help you develop into a future global leader. You’ll have access to and interact with world renowned faculty members, as well as other classmates who are equally motivated toward high achievement. Together, you’ll travel the world and develop your capabilities as leaders of our future digital society.

Our tuition policy, financial support, and scholarship programs are all designed as investments in this endeavor. Our goal is to offer the best possible educational experience without undue financial burden.

All international students admitted to Taejae University are eligible for tuition, residence and global engagement program fee.* We also offer a wide range of scholarships for Korean students. These scholarships are partially granted according to Korea’s needs assessment system, which is based on financial aid eligibility standards as defined by the Korea Student Aid Foundation.

The KSAF is officially recognized by Korea’s Ministry of Education. Our program is free for Korean students in the fifth income quintile who complete a certain number of credits and achieve certain grades. Students in the sixth income quintile and above may also be eligible for scholarships after review by a financial aid committee.

We offer students an extensive Work-Study Scholarship that can help cover costs not directly related to academics, such as health insurance, meals, books, and personal activities.

*International students admitted up to the year 2025 are eligible to apply for these scholarships.


  • Annual program costs at Taejae University total approximately $34,000. This includes academic expenses, experiential learning programs, and partial travel costs.
  • Tuition for international students is approximately $15,000 per year with no annual increase. The cost of attendance varies by global location. The cost of living and study tour in Seoul is $19,000. The total cost of attendance per semester for other global locations remains to be determined and students will be notified in advance. For international students admitted up to the year 2025, tuition and residential cost, and the Global Engagement Program are free for those who apply for the scholarship.
  • Tuition for Korean students is 4.5 million won per semester, for a total of 9 million won annually. The residential campus fee varies from campus to campus. Through the scholarship system, Korean students who fall below the fifth income quintile based on the national scholarship will receive full funding for tuition, residential campus fees, and global programs. Costs for special study tours are covered by Taejae University for all students.

Download more details on Tuition Guidelines for Korean students.


One of the advantages of studying at Taejae University is that all students are fully funded to participate in our special study tours, including the Silicon Valley Tour in the United States and the Grand Tour of the History of Civilization in Europe. Taejae University also runs a post-graduation scholarship program to help students develop their careers after graduation, providing partial support for alumni to attend graduate school, join international organizations, or open startups. We are one of the only institutions in the world to offer this type of support.

Students who are accepted in March for the September semester may take the optional Praeparatorium course. This is designed to offer the foundation needed to follow our rigorous curriculum. The course is designed to help students improve their English proficiency, learn second foreign languages, and practice a programming language.

All the benefits that you will experience at Taejae University were created based on our deep belief that one great leader can change the world for the better. We hope you will join our community and take advantage of all our scholarship programs to reduce your financial burden and focus on leveraging all that Taejae University offers so you can make a positive impact as a leader in our world.

Taejae University

Taejae University Scholarship
Scholarship Category Coverage Note
Taejae Scholarship I Tuition Full
  • Korean students who are up to Front 5 tiers of income-based eligibility
  • All international students admitted up to the year 2025
Taejae Scholarship II Residential Campus(RC) Scholarship Full
  • Korean students up to Front 5 tiers of income-based eligibility
  • All international students admitted up to the year 2025
Taejae Scholarship Ⅲ Global Engagement Program (GEP) Full
  • Korean students up to Front 5 tiers of income-based eligibility
  • All international students admitted up to the year 2025
Activity fee and Airfare Partial
  • Students who work as an intern at a global leading company
Taejae Scholarship Ⅳ Work-Study Amount will be
multiplied by work hours
  • Students may work up to certain hours per week during the academic year.

100% for Korean students up to Front 5 tiers: This refers to the tuition aid calculated according to the KOSAF criteria, following “the recognized amount of income”.

Taejae University Founder's
Excellency Scholarship

We are committed to supporting students who have demonstrated their creative potential. In addition to scholarships provided during your academic program, we have also created a customized post-graduation scholarship program to encourage you to continue to pursue educational and entrepreneurial opportunities that can foster your professional growth after graduation.

Taejae Founder's Excellency Scholarship
Scholarship Category Coverage Note
Taejae ScholarshipⅤ Special Tour
  • Special Study Tour Support
    (Silicon Valley Tour, Europe Grand Tour)
Taejae Scholarship Ⅵ Global Leader Support
  • Support career development activities at international organizations or NGOs after graduation
Taejae Scholarship Ⅶ Entrepreneur Support
  • Support activities such as start-ups after graduation
Taejae Scholarship Ⅷ Academic Success
  • Support studying in the top overseas graduate schools after graduation
Attending School
After Graduation

*The scholarship system may be subject to change and addition, and if so, further notification will be provided.