To Be a Global Leader

Contributing to the Harmony of East and West

To Be a Future Leader

Building a More Sustainable Society

To Be an Innovative Leader

Leading a Long-lasting Society of the 21st Century


The Story is the cradle of students’ insights and inspirations, an incubator for their dreams and ideas to grow into reality. This section is designed to celebrate the accomplishments and aspirations of Taejae University students, who represent the future innovators of the 21st century. Let us show you what they're going to do from now on!

Why Do Talents Opt for Taejae University?

Introducing the inaugural students of Taejae University, groomed to be self-directed leaders of the future, guiding global harmony and the digital civilization society. Let us share about their first semester at Taejae University, their campus life, reasons for choosing Taejae University, and the unique aspects that set Taejae apart.

The inaugural students of Taejae University demonstrate their self-directed leadership qualities by personally crafting declaration statements, showcasing their commitment to academic pursuits.

We, the Inaugural Class of 2023, are the new members of Taejae University, declare that we will realize the school’s ambition and become individuals who are capable of adapting to the rapidly changing educational system.

August 30th, 2023

by the 2023 Taejae University Council of Students
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