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Chairman of the Board

"The Taejae University Foundation aims to play the flagship role in promoting new education and becoming a cradle for fostering talents who will lead the world."

Chang-Gul Cho

Honorary Chairman of Hanssem Corp., Chang-Gul Cho, has established the Public Interest Foundation (Taejae Future Consensus Institute and Taejae University Foundation). He has been developing academics and strengthening national competitiveness by “giving back” to society.
Universities founded more than 150 years ago by Andrew Carnegie, John Davison Rockefeller, and Cornelius Vanderbilt led the world by developing outstanding leaders and talent-and Taejae University will expand on the tradition of these high-impact educational institutions.

Great harmony
the Taejae University

Today, we are living in the greatest transition of the history of the civilization. Digitalization and artificial intelligence have changed human lives; threats to the ecosystems are increasing, including climate change; and the changing World Order, including the conflict between the United States and China, preannounces the revolution of human civilization in the twenty-first century.

In particular, the history of civilization centered on Europe and the United States, which have led the modernization, is changing to the history of civilization of the Asian Century centered on the Northeast Asia.

In this century of great transformation, it is our obligation to develop an innovative higher education and cultivate talented individuals who could lead the future of our society and the global community. Since the segmented expertise has been perceived as an efficient ability in the industrial structure of the mass production system, the university, in the twentieth century, impoverished the educational function and neglected to develop creative knowledge on behalf of focusing on the research-oriented knowledge production and simply indoctrinating explicit knowledge. However, now, the simple and repetitive functional abilities have been shifting rapidly to the realms of computers and automation as led by digitalization, and we became solely responsible for the convergent knowledge and creativity. It is time for the university to lead the future through an innovative and ingenious education to cultivate promising youths who will lead the new civilization in the twenty-first century rather than the intellectuals who have led the past.

Therefore, the Taejae University aims to cultivate leaders who can solve the social dilemma and lead for the transformation of the society, in ways that the traditional universities have never tried before. Stating our educational goal, the 'Student Success' is to become the best Global Leader, we will introduce and implement a customized education system optimized for each individual student in which the utmost ability can be developed.

A new chapter for knowledge society has started. Only people and nations that take the head of knowledge and spirit of age could lead the world. As a driving force of the future higher education, the Taejae University will keep on challenging and searching for the most innovative and effective education. We are taking this influential and powerful first-step within mind that the future of the university determines the fate of the country and recalling the mission to foster future leaders to protect our future from the surrounding powers.

We will nurture Global and Future management leaders of twenty-first century through General Education program that builds up knowledge, Academic programs that intensify convergence thinking and problem-solving ability, and Experiential program that is staged world-wide for real-world practice. These programs will develop leaders with our six key competencies being global leadership in pursuit of diversity, power of empathy and coexistence, communication and collaboration, creative thinking, critical thinking, and self-directed learning.

With the goal to maximize the potential online learning education, the Taejae University will continue to establish and develop new curriculum and learning management system by incorporating digital innovation into education, like the innovative universities worldwide are implementing, and share our results for the higher education. Furthermore, we will develop and spread the curriculum for life-long education system of twenty-first create virtuous cycle of our knowledge ecosystem.