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Imagine, Discover and Connect with Us

The Digital Library's main purpose is to help students become independent learners, forward thinkers, and globally aware individuals who contribute to a better world.

Our Aims

Taejae Digital Library Provides the Following 
Services and Resources

  • Sustainability

    We support the development of knowledge and skills needed to tackle global challenges, contributing to a sustainable future.

  • Global Library Platform

    We create a global library platform accessible to the Taejae students worldwide, offering resources and services for self-guided learning.

  • Self-Directed Learning

    We encourage individuals to take control of their learning by exploring subjects they're interested in, fostering independence and adaptability.

  • Global Harmony

    By promoting diverse learning and understanding, we support students from different backgrounds can cooperate and communicate effectively.

  • Diversity

    We provide materials from various cultures and places, helping students develop a broader perspective and understand different viewpoints.