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Campus Program

Residential Campus Programs (RCPs) are the roster of extracurricular activities that students can pursue throughout Global Rotation. These elective and non-credit activities provide various opportunities for students to enhance their local and social experiences in the various environments of Global Rotation.

Five RCP categories
  • Academic

  • Social

  • Arts &

  • Health

  • Student

The RCP features a combination of school-sponsored and student-led events and the school provides robust support for students to pursue their chosen clubs and activities.

In general, the purpose of the RCP is to encourage students to find and enjoy experiences outside of class and school that they can share together in order to foster a greater mutual understanding and sense of community.

Five RSP categories
Category Academic Events Social Events Arts & Culture Health Student Clubs
Purpose Faculty and guest lecture series School spirit and local community Culture and creativity Sports and fitness Shared hobbies and interests
  • Get to know TJU
  • Guest speakers
  • Faculty talks
  • Taejae Field Day
  • Community service
  • School-wide social/holiday events
  • Live shows (music, theater)
  • Fine arts (galleries, museums)
  • Traditional culture
  • Creative workshops & classes
  • Intramural sports
  • Fitness classes (yoga, pilates, climbing, etc.)
  • Hiking/running groups
  • Meditation
Student-organized social clubs, activity clubs, publications, etc.
Type School-Sourced School-Sourced School-Sourced + Student-Led School-Sourced + Student-Led Student-Led

*Sample activities, subject to change according to student needs and preferences