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What Sets Taejae University Apart?

Our classes are created for 20 students or fewer and are taught in 100% English. Our Active Learning method is built on a self-directed model which promotes student engagement and interaction and is incorporated into all curricula. Our goal is to develop innovative leaders with critical and creative thinking skills. We are the first Korean university to introduce Engageli to drive classroom work. Engageli is an online education platform developed by the co-founder of Coursera that enables a variety of advanced interactive and discussion learning methodology.

Systematic, Measurable, Adaptable

Our educational approach is systematic, measurable, and adaptive. We have meticulously designed it to strategically meet the evolving needs of our students by blending competency-based learning with immersive global experiences. This unique approach is underpinned by continuously monitoring our teaching processes to uphold the highest standards of educational quality

Students Are at the Center of Everything We Do.

Our innovative learning platform is geared towards active engagement, enabling the collection and analysis of teaching and learning data for enhanced analytics. Data from synchronous online classes serve as crucial factors for analyzing student performance so we can tailor our support and enhance student achievement. This measurable and accountable approach to education is at the heart of Taejae University's philosophy.

Our students are at the center of everything we do. Our learning environment is supported by a flexible and dynamic teaching community and a digitized class platform. We are constantly attuned to our students’ progress and feedback designed to meet the diverse needs of our students proactively.

Building a Learner-centered Academic Ecosystem

We are building an academic ecosystem that is focused on students and the array of stakeholders involved in the learning process.

The Education Innovation Institute supports two key approaches

  • Active Learning
  • Innovative Learning Experience