Business Innovation


Be the epicenter for future business leaders

Our curriculum prepares students for the always evolving dynamics of the world of business, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset that prioritizes innovation. The goal is to nurture future business leaders who can drive positive change through impactful ventures. We have prepared a comprehensive curriculum that combines the best of a traditional business education with advanced concepts and methodologies designed for our increasingly complex world.

  • How does the School of Business Innovation prepare students?
    The faculty comprises accomplished professionals and industry experts who bring real-world experience to our digital classroom, providing practical insights and relevant skills. We believe that taking this practical approach can make all the difference in empowering you to apply your knowledge practically in your future endeavors, with creativity, leadership, and problem-solving excellence.
  • What skills do students learn?
    The innovative undergraduate degree program covers disciplines such as entrepreneurship, management, marketing, accounting, finance, and technology to equip you with a holistic understanding of contemporary business landscapes. The School of Business Innovation is distinguished by our strong emphasis on experiential learning and hands-on projects. You will be encouraged to work on real-world business challenges, collaborate with industry partners, and develop your own entrepreneurial ventures.

Students completing our program will have developed these key competencies:

Innovation and

We are dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation, equipping our students with the skills and knowledge necessary to adapt to rapidly changing business environments. We encourage students to embrace new technologies, stay on top of industry trends, and be able to recognize and seize new opportunities.


Collaboration is crucial across the modern business landscape. We emphasize teamwork and provide opportunities for students to engage in group projects, case studies, and collaborative initiatives. We also facilitate networking events and other ways to meet industry professionals and establish meaningful ties with the business community that can drive future career growth and potential business partnerships.


The entrepreneurial mindset is vital for business leaders, and we strive to instill this in our students, fostering creativity, risk-taking, and opportunity recognition, as we enable them to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions to business challenges.


We recognize leadership as a critical factor that drives business success. Developing leadership skills should be a primary goal, and we foster it in students throughout our courses, workshops, and experiential learning opportunities. We empower our graduates to effectively lead teams, inspire others, and navigate complex organizational dynamics.

Ethics and Sustainable
Business Practices

Strong ethics and sustainability are at the core of everything we believe in. Entrepreneurs must bring responsibility to their endeavors, and we work with students to give them the tools to understand the social, environmental, and ethical implications of their business decisions. Our graduates will be leaders who prioritize sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and ethical conduct in their professional endeavors.


Students in Business Innovation are required to enroll in seven requirement courses and may enroll in some of the twenty-two electives

The courses include:
Economics for Business Decisions/Principles of Accounting/Introduction to Finance/Principles of Marketing/Business Analytics/Business Strategy/Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management.