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Taejae University is Korea’s most innovative private university. We are committed to providing our students with the knowledge and skills to become leaders who will bring together East and West and create solutions for a sustainable and harmonious global future. Our school is privileged to provide each and every student with individualized support as they progress through their journey of learning and growth.

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The following admissions process is for international students
(See Eligibility Requirements for more information).

All other applicants should follow the link below for Korean Students.

Admissions Guideline for International Students

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Eligibility Requirements

Students must fulfill the following conditions in order to apply to Taejae University as an international student.

  • Only non-Korean citizens whose parents are non-Korean citizens can apply internationally
    • The student and the student’s parents must not hold Korean citizenship (including dual citizenship) as stated by Article 3 of the Nationality Act in Korea.
    • Former Korean citizens are eligible to apply provided they can verify that they renounced their Korean citizenship before entering elementary school. Additionally, if your parents previously held Korean citizens, you’ll need to provide legal documentation to show that both of your parents renounced their Korean citizenship and obtained the citizenship of another country before you entered high school.
  • High school diploma is required
    • Students must acquire or expect to acquire a high school diploma, or a certificate of high school equivalency, as defined by Article 98 of Enforcement Decree of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act before their enrollment at Taejae.
    • Students must possess the level of education provided by government-accredited high schools.
  • English proficiency is required
    Taejae is an English-language university with an academically rigorous curriculum, therefore we expect our students to be sufficiently proficient in English to contribute to and participate in Taejae’s academic and social community.

    As part of our holistic admissions review, we highly encourage you to provide us with a standardized test score that indicates proficiency in English, such as TOEFL iBT, IELTS Academic, Duolingo English Test, or any international equivalent. We particularly recommend that you submit such a score if your first language is not English or your secondary education was not conducted in English.
Admissions Timeline

Fall 2024 Admissions Timeline

Fall 2024 Admissions Timeline
Admission Round Date
(all times in KST)
(all dates written Y.M.D)
2023.11.1 (Wed) ~
2024.2.8 (Thu) 11:59PM
  • Apply through the Common Application website
    ※ Add 'Taejae University' under My Colleges
  • All applications, recommendations and transcripts must be submitted online through the Common App
  • Taejae University does not require any application fee
Writing (Essay) Section
for Application
To be notified after
2024.2.8 (Thu)
  • Instructions for Writing (Essay) section will be emailed separately to the applicants who have submitted their applications via Common App.
  • Writing (Essay) section must be submitted through an online portal by the specified timeline to be informed in the email.
  • Failure to submit the Writing (Essay) section will result in disqualification.
Shortlisted Results
2024.3.15 (Fri)
by 5 PM
  • Shortlisted applicants will be individually notified via email
Online Interview 2024.4.1 (Mon)
~ 4.16 (Tue)
  • Conducted online, eligible applicants will be emailed details and access invitations
Admission &
Scholarship Results
No later than
2024.4.23 (Tue)
  • Admitted students will receive admissions and scholarship letters and additional guidelines by email
Intent to Enroll 2024.4.28 (Sun),
11:59 PM
  • Admitted students must declare their final intent to enroll by this date
  • Failure to declare will result in forfeiture of admission

*Access Common Application: (https://www.commonapp.org)

Admissions Process
  • Admissions process

    All international candidates applying to Taejae must apply through the Common App. Search for Taejae University under “College Search” and add to the “My Colleges” section.

    Admissions process
    Stage One Written
    a) Applications, official transcripts, and recommendations submitted through the Common App.

    b) Writing (Essay) Section submitted through an online portal by the given deadline to be noticed via email.
    Documents Review The Admissions Committee reviews each application, documents and essay based on academic and non-academic factors, including compatibility with Taejae, self-directed experiences, and motivation for applying to select applicants, to advance to the interview stage.
    Stage Two Online Interview Applicants will be interviewed on their academic and personal aptitude by the Admissions Committee.
    Final Review Interview results will be considered in combination with the Documents Review results for final admissions decisions.
Application Materials
  • Required of all applicants
    • I. Submit via Common App
    • a) Official transcripts from all high schools attended English language transcripts must be submitted by your high school counselor or other school administrator responsible for academic records.
    • b) One letter of recommendation A letter of recommendation in English from a teacher or counselor is required. We highly recommend asking a teacher who knows you well and can address how you are a good fit for our vision and mission.
    • c) Scanned copy of the applicant’s and his/her parents’ passports If the applicant does not yet have a passport, we require a legal document that proves the nationality of the candidate and of both of his/her parents.
    • d) Scanned copy of a government-issued document verifying applicant and parents’ family member relationships If the applicant’s domestic government does not issue documents for this purpose, they must include other valid documents such as birth or adoption certificates.

      ※ If recommenders cannot access the Common App, the recommendation letter must be emailed to <admissions@taejae.ac.kr> from their official institutional email. If a recommender’s official institutional email is unavailable, the recommender is required to send us the letter of explanation or proof of employment via email. Any transcript or recommendation letter personally uploaded by the applicant will be considered invalid.

    • II. Submit via online portal
    • a) Writing (Essay) Section Writing (Essay) Section invites you to articulate your personal experiences and convey the driving motivations behind your application to TAEJAE University.

      This section must be submitted through a separate online portal on the designated date and time. The guidance and details will be sent via email provided in Common App after February 8th, 2024, the deadline for application submission via Common App.

      ※ Even you have submitted your application via Common App, failure to submit the Writing (Essay) section will result in disqualification.

  • Recommended for submission
    • a) TOEFL iBT or IELTS Academic scores or any international equivalent if you have self-reported on the Common App.
    • b) Scores of higher education graduation exams such as SAT, ACT, Chinese Gaokao (高考), Russian USE, Japanese Juken(受験), British GCE A-Level, German Abitur, or French Baccalauréat, Matura, or other comparable exam.
    • c) Scores of high school exams listed under Test Information (e.g. IB, AP, etc.).
    • d) Honors, awards, and qualifications attained during high school and documents that certify other extracurricular activities, if applicable.

    ※ When an applicant reports the records of standardized exams (e.g. TOEFL iBT, IELTS Academic, SAT, ACT, AP, IB, etc.) directly to Taejae University, they must inform <ao@taejae.ac.kr> of the applicant’s name and the date of the test so that the scores can be evaluated. If the student does not inform <ao@taejae.ac.kr>, the scores will not be evaluated. (ETS Institution Code: D257, ACT College Code 8016)

  • After acceptance

    If you receive an acceptance letter from Taejae and decide to enroll, we will ask you to send additional documents by post for verification:

    • a) Notarized proof of nationality
      b) An original copy of apostilled official transcripts and High School diploma

    All international students are also required to receive a D-2 student visa from the Korean government before they can enter Korea to begin attending Taejae. Admitted students will receive detailed procedures and necessary documents from the University through email.

  • Important Admissions Guidelines
    • 1. Taejae’s unique values combined with innovative and rigorous curriculum and ample opportunities to be engaged with the world’s issues in pursuit of global harmony may appeal to students who are currently studying at other universities. While some transfer students may desire to compensate for the years of education at other institutions by graduating early, in order to benefit from Taejae’s entire education, it is required that all students enroll as first-year students.

      Taejae University’s entire curriculum is thoughtfully constructed to build upon the coursework and experiences of previous semesters. After completing Taejae’s Innovation Foundations’ courseworks in the first year, previous credits up to 12 units for the major courses completed in your current university may be transferred upon the approval of the academic council. With Taejae University’s full scholarship on top of our top-notch education approach, joining Taejae will reward already spent years at other institutions and the education effect will last throughout the lifetime.
    • 2. Applicants must apply under their full name as it appears on legal documents, such as a passport, social security card, and/or birth certificate. If the name of the applicant on any of the submitted documents, including academic transcripts and test scores, is different from the legal full name, the applicant is required to submit an explanation with legal proof
    • 3. All documents must be in English. Documents written in other languages (except Korean) should be translated and notarized.
    • 4. All official documents from the applicant’s school (transcripts, etc.) should be originals; however, if the original documents cannot be submitted, the applicant may submit a copy of the original document with a seal of the issuing institution or with a notarization.
    • 5. Documents submitted for admission will not be returned, please do not submit anything that cannot be replaced.
    • 6. Changes to written applications and documents will not be accepted after an application is submitted.
    • 7. No extensions will be granted. If the applicant fails to submit the completed application and required documents by the posted deadlines, their application will be disqualified from consideration.