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Vision & Mission

The Next Answer: Higher Education for a Brighter Future

It’s time for an innovative educational platform, where tomorrow’s leaders develop critical thinking and creativity – the skills we need to bring about global harmony and a stronger digital society. That time is now, here at Taejae University


Our Vision

Taejae University is dedicated to cultivating self-directed, future-oriented, and internationally diverse talents to promote global harmony and sustainability.


Our Mission

Taejae University cultivates leaders to promote the harmony of mankind and digitally civilized society with its global education platform


Our mission is to nurture future-oriented, self-directed global leaders for a harmonious and sustainable world. We achieve this by instilling in our students a continuous passion for learning and innovation, enabling them to proactively adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of the future.

Guided by our core principles, which are based on student-centered active learning methodology, we aim to nurture creative and critical thinkers who are adept at self-directed learning, effective communicators – leaders who are ready to go beyond individual excellence to bring out the best in everyone through deep and meaningful collaboration. Taejae University students embrace the values of diversity and empathy and put it into practice every day. Together, we’re committed to building global harmony and sustainable living for a brighter future for the world.