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Global Initiative

The Global Initiative Institute (GII) is one of the primary sources of information and support for students throughout their global educational experience. We understand that adapting to new environments will be both exciting and challenging, and we are committed to providing our students with the guidance, resources, and support that they need to thrive in new and diverse environments.

GII Contact point : global@taejae.ac.kr
  • Global Program Support

    The GII oversees Taejae University’s Global Engagement Program and other educational and extracurricular global programs. The GII works with students to ensure the successful and meaningful fulfillment of GEP components and offers additional international learning opportunities such as specialized global tours and fellowships. The GII also provides logistical support necessary for international travel during Global Rotation. Questions and concerns regarding global programs can be addressed to the GII.

  • Student Residence Management

    The GII manages student residences in each of the Global Rotation cities, with specialized on-site staff stationed in each location. The GII partners with various organizations to provide safe, welcoming environments for our student body and operates Residential Campus Programs at each residence to build a sense of community and belonging between fellow students and their various global environments.

  • Global Network Management

    The Global Innovation Institute takes charge of worldwide networking by establishing cooperative ties with universities and educational establishments globally. This fosters communication, collaboration, and the exchange of resources on an international level. At the heart of the GII, the Global Network Center assumes a crucial role in facilitating global experiential learning opportunities for students. This encompasses overseeing partnerships with foreign universities and organizing events and conferences that tackle global challenges in accordance with Taejae’s vision.