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History of

In September 2023, Taejae University embarked on a groundbreaking journey to redefine 21st-century education. As Korea's first hybrid global university, we meticulously select visionary talents to lead the charge in the digital era.

A century from now, Taejae University will stand as the birthplace of a new era in higher education. This decade marks the start of an extraordinary transformation that will shape the future for generations to come.

  • Unveiling South Korea's
    Trailblazing Future
    Innovation University, 2023
  • Unveiling South Korea's
    Trailblazing Future
    Innovation University, 2023
  • K-edu's Global Impact:
    The Taejae University
    Connection, 2025
  • Elevating to the World's
    Premier Future Innovation
    University, 2030
Taejae Early Origins

Full of Firsts

  • 2022. 01

    Taejae University Foundation Established

  • 2022. 05

    MOU with Active Learning Science, Inc. Signed

  • 2022. 06

    First Taejae Multidisciplinary Forum Held

  • 2023. 03

    AI-driven Digital Library Established

  • 2023. 04

    Taejae University Establishment Approved by Ministry of Education

  • 2023. 05

    First Press Conference Unveiling Taejae Blueprints Held

  • 2023. 06

    First Freshman Class Selection Process Begun

  • 2023. 07

    First 12-week Intensive Training Course for Faculty Conducted

  • 2023. 08

    First Taejae Matriculation Ceremony Held

  • 2023. 09

    First Fall Semester Start Off

  • 2023. 10

    First Taejae Future Education Forum Held

  • From 2023 Onward

    More Firsts Await, We Are Prepared