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Student Success

Taejae is committed to empowering students to realize and pursue their career aspirations, cultivate wellbeing and lead a meaningful life by making a wide range of extracurricular programs that help students integrate Taejae’s six key competencies into real-world experiences.

SSI contact point : ssi@tju.ac.kr
  • Student Accessibility Services

    Providing a full range of accessibility services is a top priority for us. Our Disability Support Team stands ready to support students with disabilities to ensure their academic life is smooth and enjoyable, without inconvenience or discrimination.

    We can provide personal support for registering with classes, borrowing learning aids, and providing access to in-class learning assistants for transcription and translation. We can also provide support services for daily needs such as transportation and for life in or outside of the residence.

    Some needs may fall outside our ability to provide support. In those cases, we will consult closely and reach a decision together with students. The Disability Support Team is dedicated to achieving deep understandings of individual student needs and difficulties and doing our best to improve on-campus support services.

  • Educational Effectiveness Measurement

    We are committed to setting measurable education goals and doing the painstaking work needed to continuously strive for improvement.

    All our academic programs are rigorously evaluated to ensure we are meeting our objectives, through regular questionnaires, interviews, and activity records.

    Our program managers are tasked with evaluating these survey results and identifying ways that the recommendations can be reflected in future program developments and improvements.