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Our Education Innovation Institute plays a central role in our comprehensive efforts to support our faculty and students as we pioneer the field of higher education. The institute oversees all aspects of the teaching and learning process at Taejae University, including quality control and measuring learning outcomes. This includes working with our faculty to constantly upgrade teaching competencies, as well as taking responsibility for implementing and monitoring our highly advanced synchronous online-learning environment. The institute also supports students to become fully active participants in their own learning to achieve higher outcomes.

Achieve to
your full potential.

The Education Innovation Institute acknowledges the significance and importance of each student's academic success. We hope all students graduate with a sense of confidence in all the knowledge they have acquired. We offer students holistic support that can be fully tailored to each student’s unique needs to foster their academic growth to the fullest of their potential. There are three layers to the approach.

  • 1.

    In the underlying layer, students can access one-on-one, evidence-based consulting, which includes an analysis of students’ general learning process and provides appropriate advice for further advancement.

    1:1 Academic Consulting

    Personalized consultation can help students gain a deeper understanding of their academic progress. They can set their own goals and explore diverse strategies for improvement.

  • 2.

    In the Scaffolding Layer, students can find differentiated workshops and resources tailored to their needs as they advance step-by-step through Taejae University’s curriculum.

    Taejae 101: Navigating the first year

    This workshop is designed to orient first-year students to Taejae University’s critical learning components, skills, and mindsets. We empower students to acquire the knowledge and practices necessary to attain a high level of academic achievement.

    Discussion Labs

    Discussion labs provide students with a setting to simulate classroom dialogue. This experience will scaffold student readiness and prepare them to be active participants in class discussions.

    Academic Support Resources

    We know each student is unique, with different learning habits and preferences. Students also have different needs when it comes to academic support. The Education Innovation Institute will supply students with academic support in the form of academic resources, articles, videos, posters, and handouts.

  • 3.

    In the strengthening layer, we support students by participating in a variety of programs and opportunities designed to enhance their academic competencies and expertise.

    This includes self-directed learning, learning with peers, participating in international academic conferences, and fine-tuning academic portfolios.