Humanities and Social Sciences


Expand your horizons, enrich the world

Taejae University’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences is dedicated to cultivating forward-thinking leaders with a comprehensive and sophisticated understanding of human nature, culture, and interactions in society. We firmly believe that a solid education in the humanities and social sciences is essential for developing creative and critical thinking, effective communication and collaboration, and an appreciation for diversity, empathy, and sustainability—all of which are indispensable human skills and values in the era of artificial intelligence.

  • How does the School of Humanities and Social Sciences prepare students?
    Our interdisciplinary curriculum aims to provide students with a rich and diverse educational experience by covering a broad range of intellectual fields in the humanities and social sciences. Through our rigorous program, you will develop your skills in these areas and nurture the ability to create innovative solutions to local and global challenges.
  • What career options are available with a Humanities and Social Sciences degree?
    A Humanities and Social Sciences degree offers a wide array of career paths. Graduates can find roles in government, law, journalism, media and cultural industries, finance, marketing, and counseling. Additionally, they can explore opportunities in research, education, non-profit organizations, and cultural institutions. This program hones critical thinking, effective communication, and analytical skills, which are valuable in various professional settings.
  • Jeongseok Lee
    Ph.D. / Princeton University / Public and
    International Affairs
  • David Hazard
    Ph.D. / Stanford University / Chinese Language and Culture
  • Hee Eun Helen Lee
    Ph.D. / University of Washington / Comparative Literature (Minor: Music History)

Students completing our program will have developed these key competencies:


Think creatively about key concepts and theories in their chosen areas of interest and use this knowledge to solve real-world problems in innovative ways.

Diversity, empathy, and

Gain a greater awareness of diversity, empathy, and sustainability and be able to positively impact domestic and global affairs based on these values.

Critical perspectives

Develop their own critical perspectives and understanding of human beings and society.

Communication and

Improve their communication and collaborative skills through open discussion and respect and empathy for others.

Practical Experience

Discover their vocational interests and career options through practical experience gained from capstone courses.


To obtain a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Humanities and Social Sciences, students are required to finish four core courses and seven major electives in the Humanities and Social Sciences program.

The courses include:
Perspectives on Being Human/Perspectives on Society, Politics, and Economics/Global History I/Global History II/Global Narratives/Creative Storytelling and Narrative Design/Digital Humanities Theory and Practice/Domestic Problems and Social Change/Global Challenges and Governance/Domestic and International Politics/Microeconomic and Macroeconomic Analysis/Quantitative Social and Economic Analysis/Humanities Special Seminars/Social Science Special Seminars