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The primary purpose of the Global Engagement (GE) is for students to learn about the endemic factors that shape each country’s unique history, society, and culture, in the past, present and future.

The GE program effectively combines theoretical instruction in classrooms with hands-on experience acquired through study tours. This methodology encourages learning through interactive classroom discussions, which are further enhanced and affirmed during the study tours. Within the classes, emphasis is placed on understanding the unique theories and identities of each country. Students will participate in lectures, readings, discussions, etc. led by local experts in order to build a foundation of theoretical understanding. Each city’s GE will be designed according to learning themes specific to each country’s particular society and history. Conducting GE throughout each Global Rotation city and country helps students accumulate a comparative sociological and experiential perspective that builds and expands throughout their education at Taejae.

Timeline & Structure

Throughout the semester, students will also engage in Global Engagement Tours, or fieldwork that builds off of the theories they learned in the Global Engagement lectures.

Global Engagement Tours will involve various real-world cultural and historical visits and experiences, allowing students to pursue the learning objectives that they find the most vital and interesting in each country. Students will form groups to design and propose their Global Engagement Tours schedules, choosing materially significant sites and locations to visit with planned itineraries, budgets, and learning objectives.

  • Year 1
    Year 1, Semester 1
    Year 1, Semester 2
    SEOUL Korea
    Learning Theme : Harmony & Balance
    • Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity
    • Post-colonial conflict and NK/SK relations
    • Political turmoil and democratization
  • Year 2
    Year 2, Semester 1
    Year 2, Semester 2
    TOKYO Japan
    Learning Theme : Tradition & Progression
    • The Meiji Restoration, from feudalism to modern nation-state
    • Collectivism, imperialism, and national identity
    • Economic progress and technological innovation
  • Year 3
    Year 3, Semester 1
    Learning Theme : Individualism & Innovation
    • Individual rights, democracy, constitutional equality
    • The Civil Rights Movement and history of civic protest
    • Philosophies and challenges of the melting pot
    Year 3, Semester 2
    HONG KONG China
    Learning Theme : Collectivism & Communism
    • Social systems of classic dynasties from Xia to Song
    • Global significance of the Silk Road (trade and civilization)
    • Modern unified governance and the Cultural Revolution
  • Year 4
    Year 4, Semester 1
    MOSCOW Russia
    Learning Theme : East & West
    • The Soviet Era (Russian Revolution, Birth of the Soviet Union)
    • Collectivism and the planned economy vs. market economy
    • Russian foreign policy and WWII + Cold War geopolitics
    Year 4, Semester 1

*Sample sub-topics, subject to change