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Cultivating resilience and emotional wellbeing for success

Successful leaders practice self-control to focus on their goals, have resilience that motivate them to strive for success despite setbacks, and cultivate emotional well-being to pursue a fulfilling life with meaning.

Wellness programs focus on helping students thrive in college and strengthen resilience. We aim to enhance student wellbeing through two approaches.

  • Emotional Competence

    We help students foster emotional competence by enhancing self-awareness, monitoring wellbeing, practicing coping skills, and learning how to increase happiness. Students can attend programs to develop self-care skills such as time management or test anxiety coping skills. Students also learn psychological aspects of happiness and practices that can enhance life satisfaction.

  • Mental Health Care

    We offer peer counseling, mental health coaching, and professional counseling services. These support systems help students develop strategies to overcome challenges. They also enable early interventions and help students develop resilience and maintain positive mental health.