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Discovering and understanding yourself and others to become a good leader

People who are successful in their career are the leaders in their fields. Good leadership is based on an understanding of self and others. Self & Leadership Programs focus on having students examine the relationships with themselves, others, and the community to develop self-competence and leadership skills.

  • Personal Identity

    First, we support students to explore themselves to establish personal identity and enhance self-esteem. Understanding their own identity & strengths will motivate them to pursue their unique career aspirations, and it also enhances leadership capacity.

  • Leadership

    Leadership can be cultivated. It requires deep self-awareness and understanding others. Through experiential learning, students will be able to identify the gap between textbook knowledge and practical skills, which will help them cultivate effective leadership.

  • Social Identity

    Students will learn and explore their social identity. We support students to experience the meaning and value of community life as part of their growth into leaders who can participate effectively and professionally in any kind of community or organization.