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Taejae University

The Next Answer
Nurturing Global Leaders
for the 21st Century

Taejae University is a highly selective four-year private institution in Seoul, South Korea, established in 2023 by Chang-Gul Cho, one of Korea’s most celebrated philanthropists. The school’s first president is Jaeho Yeom, previously president of Korea University and current Chairman of the Board of Directors of SK, Inc. Their passionate leadership and deep conviction are the driving force behind Taejae University’s primary objective – to become Korea’s premier university for innovative learning, an institution that nurtures the leaders we need to usher the world into a brighter 21st century future.

Vision of

  • Global

  • Future

  • Self-innovative

Our vision is to build a global education platform that fosters in our students not only critical thinking but also creative thinking, ultimately helping to cultivate global leaders capable of fostering human harmony and an advanced digital society.

We strive to ensure that our students are always positive and forward looking, committed to building harmonious and sustainable communities and to the principles of lifelong learning that will help them respond proactively to future change with innovative solutions.

Six Key Competencies

In addition to fostering critical and creative thinking through our student-centric active learning model, we aim to foster the growth of talented individuals who can communicate and collaborate effectively. Diversity and empathy are core values in our approach.

Our curriculum is systematic and revolves around these six key competencies that are interwoven throughout our Innovation Foundations courses, relevant major courses, and practical field experiences, all tailored to enhance individual learning and growth for every student.

  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Diversity & Empathy
  • Global Harmony & Sustainability

Taejae's Unique and

Taejae University has five academic programs, beginning with our mandatory Innovation Foundations, which all students take in their first year. In their second year, students move to individual majors, each with a specialized curriculum aimed at fostering global leaders who will be The Next Answer to help build a healthy and harmonious future society.
All Taejae University students take part in our unique Global Engagement Program, affording them the opportunity to engage in a variety of valuable educational experiences at our residential campuses in five countries - Korea, The United States, China, Russia, and Japan.

First year students are required to take our Innovation Foundations program. In your second year, you will choose from one of four majors: Humanities and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and Business Innovation. Alternatively, you can design your own academic program.

One of the reasons why our curriculum is both unique and advanced is that our global engagement program is integrated into every step of your academic journey, with the dual aim of deepening your understanding of diverse cultures and helping you to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical problem-solving skills. This program is complemented by a cutting-edge metaverse campus, empowering seamless collaborations and discussion among fellow students and faculty no matter where you are in the world.

Supporting the Success
of Student Leaders
Who Will Change
The World

Taejae proudly stands as the first Korean university to operate a hybrid campus, breaking down barriers to global learning.

Its commitment to world-class student support is evident through Education Innovation Institute, Student Success Institute, and Global Initiative Institute, each led by some of the world’s foremost professors and experts in areas such as student success, wellness, leadership, and career development.

Every program is thoughtfully tailored to meet the unique needs of individual students, promoting growth and motivation.

In a bid to empower students to thrive as global talents without financial constraints, the university operates a comprehensive scholarship program.

Financially challenged Korean students and international students received a wide range of scholarships. Moreover, the program extends various forms of support, including the Work & Study scholarship, designed to assist with academic and living expenses, as well as scholarships for immersive experiences such as Silicon Valley on-site learning and the Europe Grand Tour.

Even after graduation, Taejae continues to provide support for its students. The scholarship system offers partial funding for outstanding post-graduate pursuits, including admission to top-tier graduate schools, opportunities within international organizations, and even entrepreneurship ventures.

Excellent Partners
with Taejae University

We are committed to working with partners in Korea and around the world to
deliver innovative and future-oriented educational experiences to our students.

  • Affiliated Partners
  • Academic Partners
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